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A pod systems is a salt nicotine vape device, it is an all-in-one starter kit, It is now available for all vapor lovers in Dubai, and all over the UAE. The anatomy of pod systems is included two parts: the pod and the battery. It is an ultra-Portable pods vaporizer, with a fantastic balance of functionality and size. It is inherently more minor than the usual box mod devices and it released a lower wattage of salt nicotine. It is a rechargeable battery-based extra slim device. This kit uses an unbendable plastic lid rather than the standard glass tank. It doesn’t need any heat stick for tobacco it sues vape juice, and it’s a liquid coil. It has both options to turn on, some have a power button but often have automatic systems.
Usually, pods come in two formats, One is Refillable pods and another one is Pre-filled pods.
Refillable pods: for this kind of kit you can enjoy the freedom to choose the flavor. it is also known as an open-systems vape, that uses empty pods which are manually refilled by the user. The key advantage is the user can select a wide range of flavors at their desire.
Pre-filled pods: closed systems vapes, use cartridges with e-liquid that is not refillable. The foremost advantage is there is nothing extra pain to fill the e-juice the user and no complication to choose the right e-liquid.


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VapeBuzzDubai has near about 140 extensive ranges of dividend and exotic e-liquid flavors for e-cigarettes, which all are exhilarating and impressive. Please search our all collection to pick your desired e-juice flavor. There are almost all sorts of flavors are available in our store including Strawberry, Pina Colada, Cappuccino, Mango, Watermelon, Cheesecake, Cinnamon, Pineapple, blueberry, orange, candy, bubble gum, and others.


We imported and offer almost all kinds of pod kits or devices including ‘Juul, UWELL, GEEK VAPE, Smoke Acro, VAPORESSO, VEIIK Airo, VOOPOO vape kit, LOST VAPE, JUSTFOG, IQOS ILUMA, Sikary EPIPA Vape, SUORIN AIR PLUS 22W, TUGBOAT PLUS DISPOSABLE VAPE, VAPEANTS, VEIIK Airo device, VLADDIN RE, YUOTO LUSCIOUS DISPOSABLE VAPE – 3000 PUFFS, ZERO VAPE VEIIK ISGO DISPOSABLE (1000 PUFFS), Zumix- Pod Systems kit, and others.
Choosing the right option of pod-based vape it depends on what type of experience you want to seek, there is a different variety of kits in Dubai, UAE
Body shape and size: Pod-based kits are typically small in size and portable. It comes in several different shapes like long and skinny, short and square. These different sorts of kits can provide you different feel when you will move it in your hand during enjoying.
The capacity of pods: Depending on the small size, a vape pod system naturally has a smaller tank capacity than box mods or sub-ohm devices. Regardless, pod systems themselves also come with various capacities – the lower capacity, the more oftentimes you will need to adjust or refill your pod. On average, the pod carries 2mL e-liquid but now most companies are supplementing the e-liquid reservoir to bear more than that. For example, the most popular SMOK Nord boasts a 3mL pods. These pods offer more than hours of satisfying vaping and are much more convenient.


Pod systems vapor is the most user-friendly and suitable for all experience vapers and also for beginners because it is very easy to use. You just insert the pod into the battery and you’re ready to start enjoying – considering the battery is charged and there’s enough juice in the cartridge! If the smoker starts using the vapor nobody will never back to smoking, it provides a hassle-free smoking experience without harmful cigarettes. To enjoy the vape pod no need to buy a packet of a cigarette frequently. Even the vapors never search other devices because it is a low-maintenance feature kit. Even it doesn’t need lots of vaping equipment to maintain, to keep it clean. And there is a variety of designed devices, so there are lots of options to choose stylish pod kits according to consumers’ preferences and personalities. It can provide a smell-free smoking experience with the closed tobacco taste. These all are very lightweight and sleek devices that can produce very thick vapor clouds.


To give up on cigarettes vaping is the best alternative for smokers in Dubai, UAE. For easy functionality smoke lovers prefer pod systems devices, it is good to carry everywhere even if it is best to enjoy anywhere. there is nothing irritating to use with non-smokers because of the nice delicious flavors. Not only that it keeps the human lungs clean, so it’s not injurious to health, but it also is not a cause of cancer anymore! These all gorgeous devices are long-lasting kits, so they can save your pocket. The key logic of gaining popularity is the auto start feature, it doesn’t need to start manually.
Long-lasting Battery Life: Due to their packed size, pod mod vapes often have more miniature and less powerful batteries than larger gadgets. It is necessary to think about a device’s expected battery life, especially since most pod systems devices have inner batteries that can not be altered with a full battery. Relying on which kind of battery is produced in the device, some devices may go extended between charges than others.

Finally, we listed all of our radiant vape pod systems Kit, We ensure same-day delivery in Dubai and all over the UAE if you order before 17:00 (5:00 pm) or it will reach you the next day before an order after 17:00. We are proud to provide the best customer service to our respected customers.